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A letter to our future female MBA students 

It is with great honour that I write this to our future MBA students and reflect on the initiatives at Frankfurt School, particularly within the MBA programmes, on strengthening female leadership in business.

Access and equal opportunity are the fundamental core of the management education we provide in our MBA programmes. It is no secret that the C-Suite is still a non-diverse environment; thus, our goal is to shape the thinking and actions of the business leaders of tomorrow. In this effort, enabling female participation in business does not equate with affirmative action but attempts to break down barriers and biases for all stakeholders.

At Frankfurt School, we believe that a hands-on diverse, gender-sensitive management education is the most impactful way to support female leadership. Within the Full-time and Part-time MBA, I am continuously thinking of new ways to support women, to create an environment where open discussions are the norm and participants feel represented.

During my first months on the Full-time and Part-time MBA, we were able to build on existing initiatives such as the Women in Business platform by implementing a Women’s Leadership Workshop Series, intended for female students and alumnae to discuss their experiences in business and reflect on their approaches to communication and conflict management. The image above shows our participants reflecting on biases and prejudices in their everyday life, in which many were surprised by their shared similar experiences.

My ambition is to have more female representation in the programmes, both in and outside of the classroom, from students and lecturers to female-led companies and partners.

If you would like to join us in our efforts of learning about and educating open-minded and ambitious leaders who will help us break the glass ceiling, reach out to our MBA team – we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our MBA and Frankfurt School community.

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