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sonja konrad

Sonja is a developer and currently head of operations at Candelabra Consulting. She has a broad range of experience working in international healthcare. Her previous position was as exec. vice GM in China, building up a training company for healthcare professionals as part of Sorehsa AG, Basel. Sonja has graduated from the International Healthcare MBA in 2019.

“I found the MBA program pleasingly indifferent to women or man."

How was your experience as a woman in the MBA programme?

I found the MBA programme pleasingly indifferent to women or men. In my Program we had some strong women joining. Fueling fruitful discussions between any of the program participants. I believe that the healthcare MBA is great for anyone, not making a difference between gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. It purely gives you professional insight and tools on hand, which enrich any person and help you to further your career.

How did the MBA prepare you for success in your career?

The MBA helped me in many ways. On a personal level, it was showing me that I am capable of doing more, believing in myself. On a business level, it made me advance my own mindset to have a broader view and to start thinking more outside the box. On a career level, it gave me tools on hand and through this the courage to start my own business (Candelabra Consulting). Overall, I think it is a great programme and supports you to advance on so many levels, no matter where you are at in your career.

Advice to other women entrepreneurs?
Keep on believing in yourself, keep on learning, don't put yourself in that gender corner, it is enough if others do this - you can do anything you want.

What does it mean for you to be a leader?
For me being a leader means having to make difficult decisions. And the difficulty is not necessarily the decision itself but trying to keep the balance between numbers and people. Which puts you day to day into a fight within yourself. On one side you need to take a step back to have a bird's eye view, but on the other hand, you should be close and personally involved with employees, customers, and projects. This balance is the most difficult part to keep, but if you make it, it is also the most rewarding.