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In the following, we present selected publications by the faculty in our Accounting Department, that have been published in prestigious journals since 2009 or have been accepted for publication.

Representative Publications

Stefan Veith, Jörg R. Werner (2014): Comparative Value Relevance Studies: Country Differences Versus Specification Effects. The International Journal of Accounting. Vol. 49, Issue 3, Pages 301-330

Holzhacker, M., Krishnan, R., Mahlendorf, M., 2014. The impact of changes in regulation on cost behavior, Contemporary Accounting Research. (forthcoming)

Hiller, K., Mahlendorf, M., Weber, J., 2014. Management accountants' occupational prestige within the company: a social identity theory perspective, European Accounting Review. (forthcoming)

Jia, Y., van Lent, L., Zeng, Y., 2014. Masculinity, Testosterone, and Financial Misreporting, Journal of Accounting Research. (forthcoming)

Janke, R., Mahlendorf, M., Weber, J., 2014. An exploratory study of the reciprocal relationship between interactive use of management control systems and perception of negative external crisis effects, Management Accounting Research. (forthcoming)

Veith, S., Werner, J., 2014. Comparative Value Relevance Studies: Country Differences Versus Specificitation Effects, International Journal of Accounting. (forthcoming)

Ernstberger, J., Grüning, M., 2013. How do Firm- and Country-Level Governance Mechanisms Affect Firms' Disclosure?, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Vol. 32(3), S. 50-67.

Jia, Y., 2013. Meeting or Missing Earnings Benchmarks: the Role of CEO Integrity, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting Vol. 40(3-4), S. 373-398

Ding, R., Jia, Y., 2012. Auditor Mergers, Audit Quality and Audit Fees: evidence from the PricewaterhouseCoopers merger in the UK, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Vol. 31(1), S. 69-85.

Grüning, M., 2011. Artificial Intelligence Measurement of Disclosure (AIMD), European Accounting Review Vol. 20(3), S. 485-519.

Grüning, M., 2011. Capital Market Implications of Corporate Disclosure: German Evidence, Business Research Vol. 4(1), S. 48-72.

Veith, S., Werner, J., Zimmermann, J., 2009. Capital Market Response to Emission Rights Returns: Evidence from the European Power Sector, Energy Economics Vol. 31(4), S. 605-613.

Werner, J., Zimmermann, J., 2009. Internationaler Vergleich von Rechnungslegungssystemen: Stand und Perspektiven, Die Betriebswirtschaft Jg. 69(1), S. 85-106.

Goncharov, I., Werner, J., Zimmermann, J., 2009. Legislative Demands and Economic Realities: Company and Group Accounts Compared, International Journal of Accounting Vol. 44(4), S. 334-362. 

Accounting Seminars

The Frankfurt School’s Accounting Seminars offer new insights into a broad range of accounting, managerial or economic issues. The seminars are a forum for mostly external researchers to present and discuss their work, employing rigorous methodological approaches, including theoretical models, empirical-archival methods or experimental methods.

The Accounting Seminars usually take place on Wednesdays from 2.00 to 3.30 pm. Before or after the talk, the faculty welcomes the opportunity to meet the speaker individually and exchange ideas. 

The Accounting Department welcomes not only all members of the Frankfurt School community to these seminars, but also external guests.  If you are interested in attending as an external guest, please let us know by e-mail.