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Senior Lecturer

Personal Details

Vahe Andonians is a banker, data scientist, entrepreneur and senior lecturer at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

In 2020, Vahe founded Cognaize. Cognaize specializes in hybrid intelligence to deliver on the promise of AI for financial services. The company’s AI platform combines proprietary deep-learning AI technologies, focused models trained on financial documents such as loan applications, SEC filings, ESG-related documents, or trustee reports; and a unique user interface that enables the seamless engagement of human “experts in the loop” throughout the document automation process.

In addition, Vahe is a partner alongside Moody's Analytics at Traidum, which is building a blockchain-based platform for trading structured credit products.

In 2017 Vahe sold his previous startup SCDM, an AI-based analytics company specialized in the fixed income market. Having started as a data provider for investors in structured credit in 2003, SCDM had broadened its services from data management to bespoke IT solutions into reporting, business intelligence, and cash flow simulations for investors in structured credit. Early 2017 SCDM had sold its structured credit business to Moody's Analytics and was focusing on its valuation business, putting a value on over 40.000 financial instruments on a daily basis. Later in 2017 Vahe sold the remaining SCDM business to Deloitte.

Clients included, among others, Deutsche Bundesbank, KfW, EAA, Barings, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Deloitte, KPMG, and Creditflux. Vahe was leading the product development and research arm of SCDM, with a strong focus on Machine Learning and Blockchain 2.0 technologies.

Before that, Vahe has successfully founded, raised and sold several start-ups in the area of Machine Learning. After university Vahe worked at Erste Bank, Austria where he co-managed a Statistical Equity Arbitrage Hedge Fund.

Vahe holds an Engineering degree in information and high-frequency technology from the Federal Higher Technical Institute for Education and Experimentation in Moedling, Austria and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, England.

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Computational Semantics - Data Structures & Algorithms Master

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Algorithms & Data Structures