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Tuition Fee
35,000 Euro

(excluding travel cost)

Application Deadline
31 July

Programme Start

Duration (part-time)
20 months

Why IHM?

Frankfurt School’s part-time MBA in International Healthcare Management is designed for working healthcare professionals (health care providers: physicians, surgeons, nurses, allied health etc as well as those working in the health care industry: insurance, medtech, pharma, consulting, etc.) to provide them with a thorough understanding of the international healthcare business.

The programme aims to develop responsible healthcare leaders and to equip them with practical business skills, advanced entrepreneurial skills, leadership expertise and integrity, in order to master the challenges in a globalised healthcare sector. 

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It fosters an enhanced awareness of healthcare issues, trends and practices likely to influence the future. International study locations in Europe, America and Asia and a diverse student body ensure a truly international experience.

Part-time study, full-time work

In 10 modules, each residential module lasts 7 days, the participants gain an academic and real-world foundation relevant for a career in the healthcare sector while working full time. The balance between on- and off campus learning, ensures minimal disruption to participants' professional life.

  • Global perspective: international locations, faculty and participants
  • 20 months part-time study programme, including thesis
  • Innovative curriculum with focus on General Management in Healthcare
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Access to high-profile practitioners (Provider and supplier side)
  • Extensive professional network 
  • Accredited by multiple international agencies

Learning Goals

Learning Goal 1

Our graduates will know the implication of various national healthcare systems on management decisions.

Learning Objective 1.1

Our students will identify the structures and differences in the healthcare systems of various countries and their influence on management decisions.

Learning Goal 2

Our graduates will be entrepreneurial-minded managers in the healthcare industry.

Learning Objective 2.1

Our students will evaluate investments and projects by using analytical tools.

Learning Objective 2.2

Our students will use healthcare business models, formulate strategic goals and develop strategies accordingly.

Learning Objective 2.3

Our students will transfer management approaches from other industries into healthcare business.

Learning Goal 3

Our graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in healthcare management.

Learning Objective 3.1

Our students will identify the issues in healthcare management which may present ethical challenges and know how to find solutions, taking into account the impact on different stakeholders.

Learning Goal 4

Our graduates will have intercultural sensitivity.

Learning Objective 4.1

Our students will be able to lead intercultural teams.

Learning Objective 4.2

Our students will identify intercultural communication issues and find solutions.

Learning Goal 5

Our graduates will be effective communicators.

Learning Objective 5.1

Our students will produce quality business documents.

Learning Objective 5.2

Our students will be able to express and defend their opinion on certain topics in a professional manner appropriate for their respective audience.

Target audience

Specialists and managers from all over the world – who are pursuing a management career in hospitals, healthcare companies and institutions worldwide and wish to acquire additional management qualifications to enhance their professional skills.

  • First academic degree
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills
  • At least 3 years of professional experience
  • Healthcare relevant background or interest
Application Process

Admission to the MBA IHM programme at Frankfurt School is very competitive. The application process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Online application
  2. Assessment interview

  3. Results

  4. Start of the programme

Please find all the details further down.


Total tuition fee:
(excluding travel costs)

35,000 Euro
Early-bird tuition discount 1
(complete applications received by 31 January)*
5,000 Euro
Early-bird tuition discount 2
(complete applications received by 30 April)*
2,500 Euro

*+Additional leadership coaching

Time Schedule

The MBA programme is based on a ten module structure. Eight of these modules are delivered in a face to face format and are approximately one week in length. Three face to face modules are based at the Frankfurt School, with the remainder delivered at various international locations, 1 e-based module, plus the MBA thesis moule. In 20 month (spread over 3 calendar years) the programme requires 61 teaching days of which 44 are week days.

One module is e-based

You can download the IHM MBA schedule here (Intake September 2020)


Participants study in small, focused groups with classmates from all over the world and receive expert support from the programme management. That way, participants can confidently move ahead within their professional sphere while preparing themselves for the challenging tasks of top management in the healthcare sector.

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The traditional business administration disciplines - accounting, finance, strategy, marketing, economics, operations, information technology and HR management - provide a solid base in business management. In addition the MBA International Health Management at Frankfurt School prepares students to become leaders who can deliver both innovative and practical solutions in the healthcare field.

Modules 1 to 10:

M1: Introduction to Business, Economics and different Healthcare Systems (Frankfurt)

Timetable First semester (October)
Format Ten day block
Location Frankfurt School
Language English

This module gives an overview of the main and basic types of healthcare systems and the underlying dimensions.  A comprehensive introduction to the German Healthcare System serves as the basis and role model for comparing different systems and to foster discussions.  In addition, the module introduces the basic principles of economics and main techniques applied in financial and managerial accounting which will be applied to different examples and exercises during the module.

The module starts with teambuilding activities to foster collaboration and communication among the students.

Soft skills are promoted in the team exercises. Interaction and discussions among students and team work play a central role in this and all modules of the MBA IHM.


M2: Managing Financial Resources & Controlling (Frankfurt)

Timetable First semester (December)
Format One-week block
Location Frankfurt School
Language English

Building on financial accounting introduced in module 1, the module introduces the most important financial management tools, available financing instruments, methods of cost accounting and management systems as well as performance controlling. Participants will learn to make decisions regarding the optimal financial structure as well as how to control performance. Special emphasis is placed on strategic and organisational aspects.

M3: Strategic Management and Marketing (Bangalore, India)

Timetable Second semester (March)
Format One-week block
Location India (Bangalore)
Language English

The module is focusses on the most important elements of Strategic Planning and Market Oriented Management. Students learn about the process of strategic management and how the process and implementation unfolds within companies. The module also enables student to use scientific methods of market analysis and development to create substantial market oriented strategies and tactical approaches. In addition the challenges of implementing and developing a healthcare system in an emerging country will be discussed based on an introduction to the Indian healthcare system.


M4: Innovation, Strategy and Project Management (Washington D.C., USA)

Timetable Second semester (June)
Format One-week block
Location Washington D.C. area, USA
Language English

The module focuses on the introduction to innovation management, analysing real examples on the market entry of innovative healthcare products and services, and the basics of project management. Students will have the opportunity to work on a live case study dealing with a real innovation project, learn its management problems and develop solutions in collaboration with experienced practitioner. In addition the current status and trends of the US healthcare system will be discussed.


M5: Entrepreneurship & Management in Competitive Markets (e-based)

Timetable Second semester (starting March)
Format From March till the end of the MBA
Location e-based (Webinar)
Language English

After four modules focusing on financial and strategic aspects in the healthcare industry, participants will develop a business plan for a real investment project to observe the issues and problems arising from applying the reviewed concepts in the real setting.

In addition, based on the MarkStrat Online simulation game participants learn how to use management tools in the area of strategic marketing and portfolio management in a problem-oriented and effective way. As well as this, they learn how to manage decision-making processes in a company as a complex system.


M6: Quality and Process Management (Singapore)

Timetable Third semester (August /September)
Format One-week block
Location Singapore
Language English

This module focuses on the basic principles of Quality and Risk Management, Business Process Management, Six Sigma and Approaches of Integrated Healthcare Value Chains.

Participants will understand and learn how to transfer management approaches from other industries to the healthcare business.

In addition, the basic principles of the Singaporian Healthcare System will be discussed and the Australian Healthcare System will be introduced.


M7: Supply and Facility Management and IT (London area, UK)

Timetable Third semester (November)
Format One-week block
Location London, UK
Language English

This module addresses the flow of tangible goods within an organisation, taking into account the specifics in a healthcare environment. Participants are introduced to the principles of logistics, purchasing and facility management. The participants will also work out the key role and challenges of IT in healthcare.

The core of the live case study in cooperation with a strong business partner (IT industry) will be a real IT related management issue. After being introduced to the case, the students will have to use the provided information plus some research  to develop, present and discuss their solutions.

In addition, the introduction to the NHS will offer the opportunity of a comprehensive discussion of Healthcare Systems in comparison. 


M8: HR, Organisation and Change Management (Dubai)

Timetable Third semester (January- February)
Format One-week block
Location Dubai
Language English

This module addresses the topics Human Resource Management and Organisational Development as the key elements of management and change in healthcare related business.

Participants will also receive an introduction in the Dubai healthcare system and the trends in the Gulf region.


M9: Leadership, Intercultural Management, Ethics (Frankfurt)

Timetable Fourth semester (May)
Format One-week block
Location Frankfurt School
Language English

This module consists of three parts related to the role individuals play in an organisation: Leadership, Intercultural Management and Ethics.

In the Leadership part of the module, participants learn how to develop and maintain human resources potential in a healthcare environment from the perspective of a leader. In the part Intercultural Management, they build on their own experiences during the programme to learn how to become an effective international manager, how to lead and motivate, foster co-operation and create synergies. Additionally, various topics concerning ethics in hospital and healthcare management are discussed, especially the relationship between medicine and economics.


M10: MBA Thesis

Timetable Fourth semester (October-February)
Format 5 months
Language English

The culmination of the MBA programme is the Master Thesis. It applies an action learning approach and offers programme members the option of basing their Master Thesis on management issues in their business environment or integrated management projects. Its aim is to demonstrate a critical and reflective approach to management.


Learning Goals

Learning Goals Explanation Learning Objectives
 LG 1:  Our graduates will know the implication of various national healthcare systems on management decisions. Graduates will draw upon deep or expanded functional knowledge and broad, detailed and critical understanding of the implication of various national healthcare systems on management decisions. LO 1.1:  Our students will identify the structures and differences in the healthcare systems of various countries and their influence on management decisions.
 LG 2:  Our graduates will be entrepreneurial-minded managers in the healthcare industry. Graduates will base their decisions and strategies on critical and multidimensional analysis of different markets and various professional and scientific sources in a challenging international business environment to be entrepreneurial-minded managers in the healthcare industry. For that they will apply appropriate methods from relevant management disciplines.
O 2.1:  Our students will evaluate investments and projects by using analytical tools.
LO 2.2:  Our students will use healthcare business models, formulate strategic goals and develop strategies accordingly.
LO 2.3:  Our students will transfer management approaches from other industries into healthcare business.
 LG 3:  Our graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in healthcare management. Graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in healthcare management. They will be responsible leaders, based on the analysis of the legal and ethical frameworks, and the reflection and development of their competences and their personality.  LO 3.1:  Our students will identify the issues in healthcare management which may present ethical challenges and know how to find solutions, taking into account the impact on different stakeholders.
LG 4:  Our graduates will have intercultural sensitivity. Graduates will have intercultural sensitivity, be effective communicators and team leaders.
O 4.1:  Our students will be able to lead intercultural teams.
LO 4.2:  Our students will identify intercultural communication issues and find solutions.
 LG 5:  Our graduates will be effective communicators. Graduates will be effective communicators and team leaders. They will write, present, discuss and defend  LO 5.1:  Our students will produce quality business documents. 

Financing and Scholarships

Investing in your future

Let’s be clear: your degree is an investment in your professional future. As a business school of international standing, not only do we offer you the best conditions for earning a degree – we also offer you excellent career prospects.

So we can guarantee the quality of our teaching and research, we also expect the highest levels of commitment and motivation from our students. This commitment is what really counts.

Mehr Weniger

When you make the decision to study at Frankfurt School, your current financial situation shouldn’t be the factor that holds you back. At the same time, it is important to make sensible preparations for funding your studies.

Student finance is a complex issue, and needs careful, long-term planning. So take advantage of our advisory service and start your preparations by asking us for a personal consultation.


Frankfurt School awards attractive partial scholarships with the aim of enhancing the diversity of our MBA in International Healthcare Management. We provide financial support to candidates who enrich our programme in particular ways, including:

  • Women in healthcare
  • International course participants
  • high-performing & outstanding candidates

Mehr Weniger

Please note that that we grant scholarship on an ongoing basis so we recommend you to apply early!

Your application for a scholarship can only be considered if the form is completed and submitted before your participation in our Assessment Center.

We would be happy to advise you – simply make a personal appointment.

International Partners and Locations

Our goal: provide access to influential global networks

At Frankfurt School, the MBA International Healthcare Management assists professionals in achieving that delicate balance of healthcare and management. It is the premier degree programme of its kind and is supported by remarkable international partners:

Teaching Business with humanity in mind: The Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School develops bold business leaders and transforms organizations, communities, and society through diverse perspectives, multi-disciplined education, and globally conscious entrepreneurship.

More on Carey Business School

On December 4, 2006, Johns Hopkins University trustees, in response to a $50 million gift from William Polk Carey, voted to establish a new business school dedicated to producing innovative leaders with broad, interdisciplinary knowledge. The new Carey Business School opened January 1, 2007, continuing the Johns Hopkins tradition of bringing innovative business management programs to the ever-changing workplace.

The Carey Business School offers a Full-time MBA, an Executive MBA, Masters of Science, Undergraduate degrees, and Certificate business programmes in a variety of formats that provide humanistic business education in an environment of intellectual inquiry and entrepreneurial spirit. Our campuses in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro areas offers students access to the one of world’s most influential regions.

The Acharya Institutes in Bangalore, India

was established in 1990. Creating a vast state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, putting together best of teaching talent, equipping with every required learning aid ensures that students at Acharya get the best in academics.

The wide range of Acharya academics encompasses Engineering, Management, Technology, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Teaching, Journalism, Communication, Fashion Design, etc. Acharya Institutes is truly emerging as the nurturing ground for leadership. Sporting, cultural and extra-curricular facilities ensure an enjoyable campus life. It is becoming synonymous with practical, industry-focused education and is attracting students from across the globe. 

Find more information on their website.

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai, India

was established in 1936. The Vision of the TISS has been to be an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centered, ecologically sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all.

Find more information on their website.

Class Profile

Participants will be senior managers or high-potentials with great credentials in health care organisations who personally wish to advance and seek positions of increased responsibility and leadership in the future.

The MBA IHM programme is for you if ...

  • you are working in the healthcare industry, confronted with challenging management and leadership decisions.
  • you need confidence and detailed background knowledge so you can take an authoritative role in discussions with colleagues, customers, shareholders and stakeholders.
  • you work in an international environment and would like to exchange ideas and discuss solutions for various international and intercultural issues with your peers.
  • you would like to know more about the management models and methodologies of different players in the healthcare industry.

If you are interested in joining a group of dynamic individuals, and in building new skills and a solid foundation of specialised knowledge as you pursue a management career in the international healthcare industry, we encourage you to apply for Frankfurt School's IHM.

Average age 38
Female 23%
No. of nationalities 19
Average work experience 13 years

Educational Background

Medical Doctor 53%
Business Administration 16%
Scientist 12%
Physiotherapist 7%
Nurse 5%
Pharmacist 2%
Information Technology 2%
Law 2%

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Services & Facilities 53%
Health Consulting 26%
Pharma 12%
Medical Devices 9%


Europe 40%
Middle East 33%
Africa 14%
Asia 7%
USA / Canada 7%

Worldwide Focus

Around the world – in every hospital, clinic, laboratory and healthcare related organisation, there are teams of highly skilled healthcare professionals focused on the business practices that drive the healthcare industry.

They are physicians, administrators, managers, and executives who take an active role in shaping the world of healthcare through their leadership.

The MBA IHM offers a unique and immersive international experience with:

  • international locations
  • international faculty
  • international students.
German Excellence. Global Relevance.

German Excellence. Global Relevance.


  • Frankfurt
  • Bangalore
  • Washington/Baltimore
  • Singapore
  • London
  • Dubai

Learning Experience

Entrepreneurial, international, intercultural

Experience an MBA programme with a truly international focus regarding healthcare systems and markets, locations, students and academic as well as corporate partners.

In the age of globalisation, an intimate understanding of foreign cultures can be both, a valuable academic asset and an enriching personal experience.

There is no better way to learn about different healthcare systems, practices and markets around the world than by visiting them!

Team work

Study with classmates from all over the world and exchange your experiences, while drawing on leading national and international healthcare experts: in hospitals or clinics, or organisations like health and bio technology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, service delivery, information technology, consulting companies, and government agencies.

Or network with alumni who work in the industry, and delve more deeply into various healthcare sectors.

Innovative learning: The Entrepreneurial Business Plan

Effective healthcare requires leadership, sound decision-making skills, and expertise. In addition, it requires entrepreneurial thinking and the willingness to innovate in how healthcare services are delivered.

In a field driven by innovation, it’s vital that you keep pace. A solid business plan can be the difference between just an idea and a successful business. In the process of creating one, you will develop an understanding of strategic planning, market situations and competitive advantages.

Case study learning

Our MBA IHM is based on a mixture of theoretical learning supported and reinforced with case studies and group work following the Harvard model of teaching.

The case studies have been tailored to meet class objectives - based on real-world situations and focused on health care. In addition, our participants are asked to bring in their own, work-related cases. Teamwork and group presentations are other key elements.

Guest lectures and site visits

Industry leaders join students from different backgrounds and cultures to discuss current real-life challenges and opportunities within an international healthcare setting. 

Many opportunities arise, both on campus and at various site visits, to engage with healthcare experts, key industry players and innovative healthcare entrepreneurs.


The MBA IHM Leadership Coaching features individualized coaching designed to meet your needs wherever you are in your journey toward reaching your leadership potential.

Alumni & Careers

Our MBA in International Healthcare Management is recognised internationally for its prestige and lifelong learning experience. For over 10 years now, the programme has educated international students who have excelled in their studies and careers. The alumni network of the MBA IHM already comprises more than 300 graduates working all around the world.

They are the next generation of healthcare leaders. We have helped them develop their business acumen, experience and authority, and to effectively apply them in the healthcare field. Our students graduate with the complex business and leadership skills needed to advance even further in healthcare with confidence and compassion, and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

Regular alumni events not only provide a platform for discussions, but often present career opportunities. Here are some examples of recent meetings of alumni:

  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA
  • Cerner, Kansas City, USA
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Singapore

Information Events

Would you like to get a first-hand impression of what our business school and our MBA programme are really like? Meet The Frankfurt MBA Programme Director, talk with current students, take part in a classroom lecture, or tour our campus. It's all possible through individually scheduled sample lectures and our regular MBA Evenings!

Sample lectures

Visit an MBA class this semester to discuss a case study with academic staff and current MBA students. This is your chance to 

  • experience typical classroom subjects,
  • teaching techniques, and
  • learning methods.

Feel free to contact our MBA Team to arrange a campus visit, including a guided tour of the campus


MBA Evenings

Learn more about our MBA and EMBA programmes at one of our MBA Evenings! Benefit from personal conversations with our professors and programme directors and find out which programme could help you realise your full potential. 

Student Life

Join our community of aspiring and inspiring individuals and get involved by writing a blog, sharing career-related testimonials, or by supporting our international weeks and events around the world.

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Application Process

1. Online application

The first step in applying for the MBA IHM is the completion of our online application, which includes uploading the following required documents:

Required Documents

  • Certified copy of your undergraduate transcript of records and degree award certificate including your final GPA
  • Certified copy of your TOEFL/IELTS results or equivalent (TOEFL IBT minimum score of 90 / IELTS minimum score of 6,5) – This requirement can be waived if you are a native speaker or your Bachelor Studies were fully in English (certificate from university needed)
  • CV in English
  • Two letters of recommendation (can be handed in later in the application process if not available yet)
  • Other documentation supporting professional experience or other extracurricular activities


We encourage you to complete your application as early as possible, as there are a limited number of places in the programme. There are also special financial advantages for candidates who submit a complete application early:

Early Bird (1st round)* 5,000 € 31. January
Early Bird (2nd round)* 2,500 € 30. April
Final application deadline: 31. July
Programme start: End of September

*+Additional leadership coaching

2. AC and /or Interview

Once we have received all the required documents, we will assess your application and if the first assessment is positive, we will then invite you for an interview (telephone or Skype interview for international applicants). A decision on your admission will only be made after this interview.

3. Results

The final decision regarding admissions into our IHM programme will be based on the interview results.

4. Start of the programme

The IHM course always starts in September.

Application checklist

Download our Application Checklist as a helpful guide to completing the admissions process.

What's next?