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Frankfurt, 25.06.2020 12:00:00

For more than ten years, students of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science have been able to participate in the FS Mentoring Programme: Mentors, exclusively Frankfurt School alumni, accompany them for one year.

Students not only gain industry insight and knowledge but also from mentors’ personal experience of studies and of starting a career. This personal experience provides mentees with new perspectives and approaches to decision such as: Where should I spend my semester abroad?; How do I find the best entry into this or that industry? or Where I should do my internship?

Mentoring is a platform for reflection and supports students in defining and achieving goals. Frankfurt School is delighted that more than 100 tandems have been created for the 2020/21 mentoring programme.


M. Nasim Amini heads Wealth Management at the Hamburg North-West branch of Commerzbank. He graduated from the Frankfurt School in 2006 with a degree in banking, banking business administration and management. "I am happy to accompany the mentees in their further development - recognising one's strengths and weaknesses and dealing with them consciously can be very valuable to students,” said Mr Amini. “A SWOT analysis of yourself is not always very easy, but in the long run, working on it it is very helpful. The mentees were always very grateful for taking the time to self-reflect. I see the focus of my work with the students as helping them to help themselves. This prepares them well for their future jobs, no matter what industry they ultimately choose"

Florian Sommerbauer a Bachelor of Science student since 2019 at Frankfurt School, told us "The mentoring programme is an excellent opportunity to get to know an experienced Frankfurt School alumnus right at the beginning of my studies. The exchange in regular meetings enables me not only to learn from my mentor but also to gain a further perspective on my concerns. This is a highly recommended programme, especially for students who are still at the beginning of their career".