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Frankfurt am Main, 20.04.2021 12:00:00

In March 2021, Felix Engelhardt joined Saxenhammer & Co., a top 10 investment banking boutique in Germany's SME sector, as Managing Director M&A, complementing the circle of partners there.

"We warmly congratulate Felix on his great career and his latest step," says Professor Christoph Schalast, Professor of Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Law and European Law at Frankfurt School. He is convinced that Felix Engelhardt will be successful; he has gained extensive experience at his previous professional stations.

Felix Engelhardt

FS Alumnus Felix Engelhardt is Managing Director M&A at Saxenhammer & Co.

During his Master of Finance studies, which he completed in 2018, Felix Engelhardt was already active in the M&A business. He worked in the transaction departments of Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank and UBS in London and Frankfurt. He was also a partner at FSP Invest GmbH, a digital agency. From 2018 to 2021, he was Head of M&A at Carl Finance. Felix Engelhardt tells more about his professional career in the interview.

His responsibilities as Managing Director M&A at Saxenhammer & Co. include transaction consultancy for SMEs. He is also responsible for setting up the new Digital Unit. In addition to sell-side mandates, Engelhardt will focus on buy-side and search mandates.