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Frankfurt am Main, 09.12.2021 12:00:00

In 2017, while he was still studying for his EMBA at Frankfurt School, FS alumnus Benjamin Hermanns founded a new startup in Frankfurt named fintus. Two years later, FS alumna Anja Scheffka joined the fintech as Chief Operating Officer. Now, just four years after the company’s launch, private equity firm Anacap is acquiring a majority stake in the financial software provider – a business exit worth millions.

fintus is a digitalisation platform for the German financial industry that digitises and automates business processes in banks, such as private and commercial lending. Investors worldwide are showing huge interest in this fast-growing market segment, which is why the first offer was so quick to arrive. For fintus, the Anacap deal is a green light for further growth, and Benjamin Hermanns and Anja Scheffka have big plans for the future.

So what is the fintus recipe for success? What were the biggest challenges for the startup? How did they reach a deal? And what are they planning for the future? FS alumnus Benjamin Hermanns (EMBA, Class of 2018), fintus founder and CEO, and FS alumna Anja Scheffka (MBA, Class of 2017), Chief Operating Officer at fintus, answer these and other questions in our video interview.