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presidents reception

Frankfurt am Main, 06.10.2021 12:00:00

Frankfurt School has just hosted the President’s Reception for the third time. The event is a valuable opportunity to thank students who have shown exceptional commitment to the business school as a community – whether by taking part in careers fairs and competitions, organising student events and initiatives, or being supportive of other students. In stark contrast to last year’s event (entirely virtual due to COVID-related restrictions), Professor Jörg Werner, Vice President Degree Programmes at Frankfurt School, welcomed some 80 students in person to upscale restaurant Frankfurter Botschaft on 24 September.

“This evening, we’re celebrating all those who go the extra mile at Frankfurt School, acting as ambassadors for the many things that make our business school a great place to be,” announced Professor Werner as he greeted the guests. In recognition of their commitment, he presented two students with the FS Spirit Award – a special accolade for students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, awareness of responsibility and motivation in their involvement with the Frankfurt School community, student life and spirit. This was the fifth occasion on which the award has been presented, and a total of nine students were nominated for the honour. The two winners were Denise Reffelmann and Johanna Jäger – warmest congratulations to them both!

fs spirit

Professor Nils Stieglitz, Johanna Jäger, Denise Reffelmann, Professor Jörg Werner

The event included a game of “getting-to-know-you” bingo, encouraging students on different courses and at different stages to get together, chat and network. Following the awards ceremony and a “flying dinner”, a spectacular fire show rounded off the evening’s entertainment.