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05.03.2024 12:00:00

On 29 February, the Digital Euro Conference 2024 took place, hosted by the Digital Euro Association in collaboration with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.

The event focused on the latest trends and advances in the world of digital money. It was the second Digital Euro Conference to be held on the Frankfurt School Campus.

Keynotes and panel discussions covered the topics of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Stablecoins and Tokenised Bank Money. Industry leaders, experts and political decision-makers discussed the impact of these technologies on the economy and society.

The conference began with an opening keynote by Dr Jonas Groß, Chairman of the Digital Euro Association. Afterwards, participants could choose between panel discussions on the Main Stage in the Audimax and short presentations in the Innovation Room, depending on their interests. In the morning, the Main Stage focussed on the overarching topic of Central Bank Digital Currencies. The second block after the lunch break dealt with stablecoins, tokenisation and the future of money. Both topics were explored and discussed from different perspectives in two keynote speeches and panels with leading experts.

The programme in the Innovation Room focused on digital money use cases, solutions and frameworks, new market infrastructure and next-generation financial systems. In addition, representatives of international central banks, including Shaqueno Porter from the Central Bank of the Bahamas and Anikó Szombati from the Central Bank of Hungary, shared their views on CBDCs.

Once again this year, the Digital Euro Conference took place as a hybrid event, with more than 300 participants on site and a further 500 online.

In addition to the content sessions, the conference once again offered an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and make new contacts during the lunch break and between sessions.