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Sustainable Energy | Climate Change

UNEP Collaborating Centre

UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (Centre) is committed to facilitating the necessary structural change of energy supply and use around the globe by helping to catalyse private sector capital flow towards investments in sustainable energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Institute for International Health Management

The IIHM focuses on international aspects of conditions, structures and management approaches in the healthcare systems and the healthcare business.

Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship and Mittelstand (CREAM)

Frankfurt School offers a broad variety of activities on the core topics of the German Mittelstand as well as being the central hub for all Frankfurt School activities regarding student entrepreneurs

Prozessmanagement in der Finanzbranche

Das ProcessLab

ProcessLab is a research center at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management covering many different topics in the field of process management, especially with high relevance to the financial industry.

Financial Intermediaries and the Real Economy (FIRE)

FIRE serves as a bridge between the financial industry, entrepreneurs, regulators and policy makers.


The research centres enhance the spectrum of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research at the Frankfurt School. Each research centre has its own clearly defined area of specialisation and conducts an ongoing exchange with the research community, experts from other universities and specialised journalists.