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The AI Lab belongs to the AI Initiative at Frankfurt School and shows the university's commitment to this topic. It is the home for artificial intelligence and digital transformation at FS. Here, innovation-oriented and collaborative students, employees, faculty members and partners come together. The AI Lab is a hub for projects and topics within AI, ranging from Machine Learning and Deep Learning to image recognition and natural language processing. From internal digitalisation projects to external tech events, the AI Lab offers a designated space for open and collaborative learning and working, both on a department level and institution wide.


The overall aims of the AI Lab are

  1. to sustainably advance Frankfurt School’s digital transformation
  2. to position FS as a centre for AI and Data Science through partnerships within the business sector and the community 
  3. to connect with and have an impact on the local community with regard to AI related topics

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The AI Lab provides a space where new learning concepts can be developed, tested, and immediately implemented into the teaching programme. There is room for creativity and experimentation with new formats and methods of working. Digitalisation options and business ideas can be promoted and developed. Through cooperation with partners from the regional Tech Community as well as from the business sector, the AI Lab offers a wide range of opportunities for teaching, research and intensive knowledge transfer.


Events at the AI Lab are an excellent opportunity for businesses to meet FS students, and professors and exchange ideas about artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, it is a great way for students to get to know businesses, the local AI community and to gain hands-on experience. For FS employees, events at the AI Lab are an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills to foster the digital transformation of the organisation.

05/21 German-Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence e.V. AI Lab yes
06/06 13. ProcessLab-Konferenz - Prozessautomatisierung: Von smarten Prozessen zu smarten Unternehmen register now Audimax yes
06/19 IBM AI Meetup @ Frankfurt – focus HPC register now S0.02 yes
06/24-25 Workshop on Challenges towards Sustainable Energy Systems in Emerging and Developing Economies AI Lab
07/01-05 Certified AI Business Advisor (CAIBA) register now AI Lab yes
07/07-10 PROGIC 2019: Ninth Workshop on Combining Probability and Logic register now yes
07/16 Disrupt Meetup - Data Science and AI Frankfurt AI Lab yes
07/17 Disrupt Meetup - Industry 4.0 and IoT Frankfurt AI Lab yes
07/23 Disrupt Meetup - Enterprise Blockchain Frankfurt register now AI Lab yes
07/24 Disrupt Meetup - Women in Tech AI Lab yes
07/30 Disrupt Meetup - Digital Identity AI Lab yes
09/18-19 Deutsche Bank Insider, #dbKarrierestart AI Lab
09/26-27 Trends & Digitalisierung. Zertifizierter TGA-Manager – Führungskräfte für die technische Gebäudeausrüstung register now AI Lab yes
09/26 Data Science Meetup S0.02 yes
10/12 Workshop Digital Innovation: Essential Technologies (DT)  AI Lab
10/24 Data Science Meetup S0.02 yes
11/06 FS Career Day more AI Lab
11/12 Future of Work Audimax yes
11/16 Workshop Digital Transformation: Agile Methodologies (LC2) AI Lab
12/05 Data Science Meetup S0.02 yes



We are excited to announce the first Accenture Hackathon on explainable AI to be hosted at the AI Lab on Friday, April 26th  .

The Hackathon will focus on problem solving skills. It is an opportunity to learn, experience and apply new XAI technologies and to hack problems in the Finance & Risk space. FS students will work collaboratively with Accenture Data Scientists and AI experts from DFKI (German Institute for Artificial Intelligence).

Multidisciplinary teams will combine aspects of machine learning, XAI, visualization, user interaction, some business understanding and of course serious Data Science efforts. We look forward to welcome you in the event.

“…if you are wondering what a Hackathon is, just remember that it is something you wouldn’t like to miss if you want to practice your knowledge, meet interesting people, do coding, learn about current challenges, see real business issues, and network with a potential future employer.”

Zakariya Abu-Grin, Master in Applied Data Science Class of 2020 

The winning Team: Eric Lehmann, Felix Schmid, Sitong Ye Dominik Bette. Master in Applied Data Science

The winning Team: Eric Lehmann, Felix Schmid, Sitong Ye Dominik Bette. Master in Applied Data Science

Sponsoring Opportunities

All events and activities at the AI Lab are open for sponsorship.

  • Workshops – guest lectures with FS students
  • Data sets and permission to use locally
  • Hackathons
Employee development
  • Join workshops held in 2019
Exposure and client acquisition
  • Data sets for research and publication.
  • Sponsor GPU units featured in the AI Lab

Company partnerships

Real business world connections are invaluable for our students and professors. There are a wide variety of ways for companies to get involved with the AI Lab.

  • Classroom
  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Career opportunities
  • Real business use cases
  • Networking
  • Attracting and recruiting young talents
  • Research partnerships with professors
  • Promoting and testing technology
  • Innovation and business use cases
  • Sponsoring opportunities
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Research set-ups
  • Mentoring
  • Meeting cooperation partners
  • Community building
  • Development
  • Digital transformation projects
  • Developing new business ideas
  • Workshops
  • Creative collaboration
  • Networking

The Venue

The AI Lab is a 260m² place, equipped with four high end computers using the latest GPUs for AI acceleration. Additionally, TPUs can be rented for peak demand. The 75” mobile touch screens and an additional router allow smooth collaboration and presentations. 80m² whiteboards and a huge set of LEGO serious play stand by for analogue creative work.

MON Partner day
TUE, WED Collaboration days
THU, FRI, SAT Classroom

The GPUs are available for research 24/7.

"The flexible furniture, big touchscreens and whiteboards provide the ideal environment for us students in order to study and work collaboratively on projects."

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The People

Joanna Karajanov – CIO, Project Director AI Initiative

Catharina Rudy – Digitalisation and Innovation Manager, AI Lab Manager

AI Lab Manager

Gergely Szertics – Business Partner AI Initiative

Business Partner AI Initiative

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