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Associate Professor of Managerial Accounting

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Timo Vogelsang is Assistant Professor of Controlling / Managerial Accounting at the Frankfurt School. He studied Economics (Bachelor and Master of Science) at the University of Cologne with studies abroad at the Trinity College Dublin and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He finished his PhD in summer 2020 at the chair of Personnel Economics (Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka) at the University of Cologne. During his PhD he did a research stay at the University of Chicago and was an external lecturer at the Frankfurt School.
The research of Timo Vogelsang focuses on many aspects in Managerial Accounting. He researches how accounting information and management practices/controls influence employee behavior. More specifically, his work focuses on complements and substitutes of monetary incentives, the design of monetary incentives, different incentive domains (e.g. leisure time instead of money), performance measurement, provision of information, and different forms of management control systems. To investigate causal effects and precisely identify mechanisms, he employs and combine methods and datasets such as field experiments in firms, laboratory experiments, survey data and existing non-experimental field data.
The cooperation with various companies is a special focus of Timo Vogelsang’s work. In close cooperation, current problems and questions are discussed and possible solutions designed. The solutions are then cleanly tested in the field using pilot studies (field experiments) to investigate its effectiveness. Very often, this is completed by questionnaires to gain detailed knowledge on the existing problem/question and how the designed solution worked.

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Timo Vogelsang
Associate Professor of Managerial Accounting


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