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christian siemens

Christian Siemens (31) was one of the first students on Frankfurt School’s Bachelor in International Management degree programme. He graduated in 2016 and worked as an intern in the Strategy department of FS Bayern Munich as part of his Master in Management degree course. Since then Siemens has gotten lots of working experience in a diversity of companies. His latest employmend is at Bain & Company as a consultant.

What made you decide to apply for a Bachelor degree course at Frankfurt School?

First and foremost, I was attracted to Frankfurt School because of the programme’s explicitly international aspect. Not only does Frankfurt School itself provide a very “international” learning environment, catalysed by the presence of students from many different countries, it’s also possible to study the entire course in English. This unique feature is further enhanced by the opportunity to spend two of seven semesters abroad, as well as completing an internship abroad. My decision was also influenced by Frankfurt School’s convenient location, as well as the excellent reputation it enjoys in Frankfurt itself – Germany’s main financial centre.

How well did your academic studies at Frankfurt School prepare you for the challenges of your current job? What did you find especially useful?

By structuring each semester’s courses efficiently, Frankfurt School gives students the opportunity to engage with real-world activities at a very early stage, allowing them to apply their newly acquired academic theory to practical issues. With the support of Frankfurt School’s Career Services team, I started building up practical experience early on – something that counts very much in your favour as you start to develop your professional career. Frankfurt School’s Career Day, which is organised every year, was especially useful in this respect. Every year, it attracts top banking, consultancy and industrial firms to the business school, giving students the chance to get to know the companies and make valuable contacts. As far as the programme itself is concerned, I would highlight the Finance concentration offered as an elective module at a later stage in the course, as well as the obligatory second foreign language. I personally chose Mandarin, thereby laying the foundation for my semester abroad in Taiwan.

Looking back, how important was your time as a student at Frankfurt School in the greater scheme of things?

I look back on my time as a student at Frankfurt School as three and a half years full of fun, challenges and a number of great moments. The programme allowed me to mature as an individual and pursue my personal interests at a deeper academic level. Frankfurt School allowed me to gain many new insights, explore new cultures and most importantly, make new friends. It was an extremely influential period for me.

What’s your favourite memory of your time at Frankfurt School?

My favourite memory would definitely be the time when the FS Championship initiative was so successful in 2013. I kicked off this student initiative, which organises FS students’ participation in various national and international sports tournaments between leading universities and business schools. In 2013, we started by winning the Spirit Award while competing for the Bucerius Law School Champions Trophy, and went on to win the Spirit Award at the Euromasters tournament. Both events were magic moments for me, especially as the 100 or so Frankfurt School students who took part were positively bubbling over with FS spirit!

What advice would you give to prospective Frankfurt School students?

I would say, focus on the sustained endurance and determination you need to tackle the academic challenges at Frankfurt School, but don’t forget to enjoy every single moment of student life at Frankfurt School to the full! And get involved in student initiatives, because only an active student body can lift the Frankfurt School spirit to an even higher level. And above all, enjoy your time at Frankfurt School as much as we did!