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Hack@Lab with Deloitte is a one-day Hackathon at the brand-new AI Lab at Frankfurt School. Our event partner Deloitte will announce two challenges for the hackers. The aim of the competition is to develop a data driven solution that will respond to one of the challenges.

Up to thirty-five hacking participants will encounter these challenges. Organised in teams of up to five passionate data enthusiasts, they will develop and present their innovative solutions.

Are you interested in taking up the challenge? Register here for your chance to be part of the hack@lab with Deloitte. Keep in mind, however, that while this event is free of charge, there will be a selection process. Hence not every registration will be guaranteed a spot.

Date and Time

October 1, 2018

9:00 to 22:00

Registration deadline

Septemebr 27, 2018


Up to 35.

Application is open to all developers and designers, project managers including FS master and final year bachelor students. Applicants will be contacted regarding admission results within one week from the registration.

Remember to bring your electronics: laptop, phone and chargers.

When using commercial software, participants will be required to hold the relevant licenses. The organiser explicitly does not provide any software.


All participating members will be put in teams up to five. Deloitte will compose the teams in advance. A diverse pool of people and multi-disciplinary teams that have wide-ranging experience are highly regarded.


Challenge 1

What are the “Must-Have” Finance Products & Services for the future

  • Product considerations
  •  Personalization, automation, usefulness (addressing a real need), relevance (channels relevant for the target customers)
  • Analysis / data considerations
  • twitter, news feeds, electronic payments traffic, economic statistics…

Challenge 2

In what year will e-cars become mainstream?

We can define “mainstream” as: more new car registrations for e-cars than conventional.
We can also differentiate by region (Germany, Europe, US, China, World)
The participants will have to consider multiple aspects…

  • Battery technology – capacity (range) and charging speed
  • Infrastructure – “filling stations” of the future - # and pricing
  • System load – coping with far greater electricity needs
  • Local government incentives
  • Pressures on CO2 for petrol cars
  • And yes… diesel NOx


There is no fee for registration, but submitted applications will be revised and a select few candidates will be invited to the event.


1. Prize

  • 3000 Euros for the winning teams
  • One Movidius Neural Compute Stick per team member   
  • The winning team will be invited to Deloitte Greenhouse in Berlin to present the hackathon result and brainstorm with Deloitte consultants 

2. Prize

  • One Movidius Neural Compute Stick per team member    
deloitte lounge

Judging criteria

  • Use of machine-learning techniques
  • Use of open-source tools like Python, R (or their libraries)
  • Documentation
  • Validation
  • Summarisation


September 30

9:00 Publish challenges - Participants select the challenge (1st, 2nd choice)

Deloitte preselects the teams, ready for next day.

October 1

08:30 Doors open and registration
09:00  Opening and Presentations of challenges, team allocation
09:15 Start and instruction
09:30 - 11:30 Hacking
11:30 MID-PITCH (2 minutes per team)
11:30 - 14:00 Open lunchtime at Casino Fine Dining
14:00 - 19:00 Hacking
19:00 MID-PITCH (5 minutes per team + Q&A)
20:00 Submission deadline
20:00 Wrap-up session (short Q&A)
20:15 Networking
21:00 Winners announced
22:00 Closing


A team of experts will be more than happy to bring out the best in all of you. They will happily help you start the activity and mentor you for the day. Mentors do not participate in the judicial process and their role is completely neutral.

Vahe Andonians

Data Science Expert: Vahe Andonians

Entrepreneur, Senior Lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Peter Rossbach

Data Analytics Expert: Prof. Dr. Peter Roßbach

Professor of General Business Administration and Business Informatics at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Gergely Szertics

AI in Business Expert: Gergely Szertics

Lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and Business Partner at AI Partners


Martin Flisgen

Martin Flisgen

Deloitte Risk Advisory
Head of Financial Risk Analytics & Technology

David Thogmartin

David Thogmartin

Senior Manager
Deloitte Risk Advisory
Head of Risk Technology Group FSI


Joanna Karajanov

Joanna Karajanov

Chief Information Officer

Key moderator

Andreas Horchler

Andreas Horchler

Director of Communication, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


Frankfurt School

AI-Lab Tower 4A

Adickesallee 32-34

60322 Frankfurt am Main

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irst university degree (Bachelor or Diploma) of at least 180 ECTS credits, irrelevant of discipline

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