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Svenja Kraemer

Svenja Krämer (39 years old) has been in contact with Frankfurt School since 2002. After completing her apprenticeship in a bank she took part at a further education called Bankfachwirt. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in 2007. At the same time she moved from her former employer Raiffeisenbank Aschaffenburg to the BHF-Bank. She gained experience in project management in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. During this time, she also learned about the importance of a functional team for success in business.

That was the key point for working in the field of vocational and further education. She is a mediator and coach, completed her Master's Degree in Adult Education / Lifelong Learning and finished her PhD in 2018. In 2016 she joined Frankfurt School in the department for vocational and further education, where she combined her project experience with the knowledge of education. Today she workes for universities and institutions in the field of further education as as a trainer and coach and is a professor for Adult Education at the IUBH Internationale Hochschule in Berlin.

How well did your academic studies prepare you for the challenges of working life, up to and including your current job? What did you find especially useful?

During my studies at the Frankfurt School I learned a lot that I could directly implement on my professional path. For example, dealing with the theoretical content in this depth, having the competence to act professionally in projects, to deal with different personalities and to adapt flexibly to new circumstances. In my current work in the field of vocational and further education I can interlink all this and develop it day by day.

Looking back, how important was your time as a student at Frankfurt School in the greater scheme of things?

Speaking of "importance" I would say the studies at the Frankfurt School are the elementary basis. The bachelor led me to the master's degree - and to my PhD. The achievement of my professional goals were only feasible because of the education I obtained at Frankfurt School.

What’s your favourite memory of your time at Frankfurt School?

I´ve certainly made the greatest memories during a short-term stay in Ireland. Our study group participated in an English cours and we were able to enjoy the Irish pub culture in the evenings as well. Writing a thesis in a team was a very different experience on a very different level though: we sat together all night working and included all the different competences within the group. We were all proud of the results because we created it together.

How important are alumni for a business school? What do you think alumni can do for their alma mater?

The insights that one can give another into their working fields are particularly valuable. Staying in touch and supporting another in the professional development is the special feature of a network at the university. Speaking of me, I keep on posted with my network and had many encounters – for example in Singapore - which were only possible through the alumni network.

What’s your favourite motto?

What´s next?