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Frankfurt am Main, 15.04.2019 12:00:00

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management welcomed Andreas Schemm, CEO and founder of vreo, for the FS Skills in a Nutshell session on April 12. He gave a detailed insight in how in-game advertising opens new marketing channels. "Media consumption behaviour is constantly changing and advertising needs to change with it," explained the vreo founder.


Vreo is an "in-game advertising" company, which has developed an ecosystem to bring together gaming publishers and advertisers in a trusting and transparent environment. It has established itself as a brand. But why is the gaming market so important?

According to "Tapjoy", a company for mobile advertising, there are almost two billion people worldwide playing computer or mobile games more than 55 minutes a day. In 2018, the BIU, the association of the German gaming industry, showed a total revenue of more than 4 million euro in Germany, including hardware, games, in-game purchase and subscriptions. The magazine "adzine" gives a revenue of 120 million euro worldwide and the trend is rising.


"The mission of vreo is to reach new channels with billions of people, selectable by demographics, geo targeting and more. Vreo provides exact metrics of viewability to weed out bad actors. The discrepancy between allocated advertising expenditure and most frequently used channels needs to be closed", says Andreas Schemm. Moreover, he provides a solution: Open brands access to targeted gamer audiences all over the world, deliver product placement and brand messaging that enhances gamer experience and offer a marketplace that brings together brands, gamers and developers. The vreo technology consists of blockchain technology that provides immutable accountability, trust and transparency. Vreo enables the seamless and frictionless integration of a brand into video games.  


FS Skills in a Nutshell in May

For the next FS Skills in a Nutshell session on May 24, Frankfurt School is delighted to welcome Laura Hofmann, Legal Expert at CLARIUS.LEGAL, who will talk about "Legal Tech – Friend or Foe?" Legal Tech has been revolutionising the legal industry for years but with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and blockchain, we have to ask much bigger questions. How does Legal Tech affect due diligence? How much control are we willing to give up? Will traditional law firms be able to change their culture and embrace technology? Or can they be competitive in the legal space without using Legal Tech?

Join us for a discussion of the good, the bad and the ugly of Legal Tech with Laura Hofmann, LL.M., Legal Expert, IT and Legal Tech at CLARIUS.LEGAL.

When: May 24, 8 to 9 am
Where: FS Campus, Creative Learning Space, Adickesallee 32–34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main

Please register via mail: