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Frankfurt, 05.08.2019 12:00:00

From July 8 to July 20, 2019, Frankfurt School hosted the 6th edition of its annual Finance Boot Camp. The programme attracted 29 Bachelor and Master students from 13 different countries to learn the essentials of Finance & Banking in one of Europe’s leading financial centres. This year’s topics included strategic leadership, financial systems, asset management and digital financial inclusion.

The main event of the Finance Boot Camp was the Banking Game. During the class, participants studied how to manage a financial institution by playing a competitive, web-based simulator game against other student teams. Furthermore, the programme provided plenty of opportunities for students to network and offered insights into the Finance & Banking sector with presentations from MicroFinance firms as well as Investment firms.

The Finance Boot Camp consisted not only of classroom activities but also site visits including a private tour of the Commerzbank Tower, and a cultural excursion to Heidelberg, where students could explore the city and castle grounds to learn both about Germany´s culture and history. During the weekdays, students participated in athletic activities, from playing football next to the Main river, to working out in the brand new FS gym facilities. Beyond all of these rich experiences, students made new friendships, gained cross cultural communication skills, and had an absolutely unforgettable summer.