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Frankfurt am Main, 03.07.2019 12:00:00

A pretty smile – fast and cheap with a clear-ligner treatment. DrSmile, founded by Christopher von Wedemeyer who graduated with a bachelor of science from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, promises success for its customers. “We create an impact with our start-up in the field of dental braces for adults. Within two years we have grown to a company with 100 employees”, emphasises Christopher von Wedemeyer.

Because of that, the business magazine Forbes features the Frankfurt School alumnus in its recent “30 under 30 list” in the DACH countries for the category “tech”. “Because of our business model, we are pioneers when it comes to digitization in the field of dentistry”, explains Christopher von Wedemeyer.


Christopher von Wedemeyer: FS alumnus and founder of DrSmile

In order to find out, if there is a fit between the start up´s therapy and a potential customer, DrSmile offers a screening test on its website. Following, the customer can make an appointment with one of the 13 medical practices of the start up´s network in Germany and Austria. After a consultation, DrSmile determines the treatment. After the patient´s approval, the therapy is starting. In addition to a personal consultant, an app helps to monitors the customer’s progress.