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Frankfurt am Main, 09.05.2019 12:00:00

The three former students Kyle Helmstedter, Steffen Herrmann and Cedric Pöppinghaus graduated from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management with a Master in Management degree in 2018. Now the three of them have donated 1,000 euro to support investments in the infrastructure of the business school. To honour the alumni engagement, Frankfurt School has put up a plaque at its Donor Wall, which is placed in the foyer of the Campus.

“Already during our studies, we planned to put our names on the Donor Wall,“ explains Steffen Herrmann. The three alumni met during the first week of the Master programme, at the Outdoor Campus, quickly became friends and worked together in group projects whenever possible. “We really pushed and motivated each other,” remembers Kyle Helmstedter. “Our personalities just complemented each other and we were always able to use our different perspectives, when working on a project. This really helped us to succeed.“

With the donation the three friends want to say thank you to their alma mater for the great times, the inspiring professors and the development of Frankfurt School. “We really believe in Frankfurt School,” they emphasise, but most of all they wanted a tangible sign of their friendship on the walls of the Frankfurt School campus. “We really enjoyed working together, because despite many hard discussions, we always knew that we personally liked each other. So, in our group projects we always created a space for constructive criticism and disagreement where we could be open with each other and express our opinions freely,” adds Cedric Pöppinghaus.

Further information on the Donor Wall and other fundraising projects at Frankfurt School here.