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Frankfurt am Main, 31.01.2020 12:00:00

Digital disruption is changing society and the economy. This includes banks, which play an essential role in the functioning of the economy. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is responding to these changes by increasingly integrating topics such as blockchain or artificial intelligence into its research and addressing them in its academic programmes.

The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank whose goal is to investigate the effects of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology on companies and their business models as well as to provide advice in this regard. Professor Dr Philipp Sandner is Head of the Think Tank. The centre also advises Aareal Bank and cooperates closely with the company.

"We appreciate the cooperation with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center - the practical approach of Professor Sandner's team helps us. The Center supported us in order to select a suitable Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)", explains Daniel Höfelmann, Director Innovation Management at Aareal Bank and alumnus of the business school.


Daniel Höfelmann, Director Innovation Manager at Aareal Bank and FS alumnus, works together with the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

"The cooperation has even resulted in a joint research paper - ‘Decision support for the use of blockchain technologies in companies: Four frameworks in comparison’ is intended to support decision-makers and project managers in the selection of a suitable Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)", says Daniel Höfelmann.