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The Centre for European Transformation stands at the forefront of Europe's journey towards a sustainable future, addressing the intricate web of transformational challenges such as innovation, digitisation, and climate change. Recognising the interconnected nature of these challenges, the Centre emphasizes the urgency to activate both the demand for and supply of capital to unlock Europe's growth potential.

Our Mission: The Centre powers excellence across all areas of scholarship crucial for advancing Europe's sustainable transformation. It brings a renewed focus to issues of financing institutional and economic infrastructure, the role of transformative finance, and the politics of transitioning to sustainable growth.

Our Vision: The Centre aspires to be Europe's leading think-tank, bridging the gap between academics, business leaders, and government officials. Together, they aim to collaboratively address the 21st-century challenges and foster sustainable transformation and growth in Europe.

Funded by DWS and launched this year, the Centre for European Transformation tackles urgent challenges including innovation, digitisation, climate change, energy and sustainable supply chains. It connects academics, business leaders and government officials to drive excellence in crucial areas of scholarship, advancing sustainable transformation and growth in Europe. 

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Centre Director/DWS Senior Chair in Finance

Post Doc

Nora Lamersdorf
Postdoctoral Researcher am FIRE Center

Doctoral Student

Sophie-Dorothee Rotermund
Doctoral Student

Doctoral Student

Malte Heissel
Doctoral Student

Research Assistant

Ornella Tettaravou
Research Assistant

Assistant Professor/DWS Junior Chair in Finance

Kaspar Zimmermann
Assistant Professor of Finance / DWS Junior Chair in Finance

Doctoral Student

Paulina Maria Verhoff
Doctoral Student

Affiliated Members
Senior Fellows

Joshua Rauh

Joshua Pauh Professor of finance at Stanford Graduate School of Business, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Johannes Stroebel

Johannes Stroebel Professor at the New York University Stern School of Business. He conducts research in climate finance, household finance, social network analysis, macroeconomics, and real estate economics. He is the Director of the NYU Stern Climate Finance Initiative.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of leading international figures in finance, industry and academia along with a number of senior experts from different sectors, incl. media and policy, will guide the strategic direction of the Centre. A mix of executives and subject matter experts from different countries will allow to take various perspectives into account. Members will facilitate or actively support established Centre goals according to their individual strengths and networks. The Steering Committee will meet twice a year.

Steering Committee

Nils Stieglitz

Nils Stieglitz

(President Frankfurt School)
Stefan Hoops

Stefan Hoops

Robert Engel

Robert Engel

(Professor Emeritus of Finance, NYU Stern)
Clemens Fuest

Clemens Fuest

(President Ifo Institute)


Frankfurt am Main, March 11, 2024

Can Europe Lead the Transformation? Mitigating Risks, Financing Change, and Shaping the Future

This event is not just a conference; it's a significant milestone. Our ambition is to create a platform for the exchange of bold ideas and innovative solutions, which will shape Europe's sustainable future. We are excited to bring together a remarkable group of leaders, innovators, and change-makers from diverse sectors, including Stefan Hoops (CEO DWS), Robert Engle (Nobel Prize laureate in Economics), Stefan Wintels (CEO, KfW), Eckart Windhagen (McKinsey & Company), Miriam Wohlfarth (Founder, RatePAY and Banxware), Anja Förster (Author and Founder, Rebels at Work), Dr. Eric Fellhauer (Lecturer, Finance and Banking, University of Karlsruhe), Prof. Dr. Roland Koch (Director, Frankfurt Competence Centre for German and Global Regulation, Frankfurt School).

Our program is designed to tackle the most pressing issues at the heart of Europe's economic transformation, with two powerful panels leading addressing the key issues:

1. Financing European Transformation: Navigating Towards a Sustainable Future

This panel will shift the spotlight onto the essential role of both financial institutions and governments in guiding and enabling Europe's comprehensive transformation. More than just a discussion, the panel aims to spark innovative thinking around new financing tools, investment strategies and effective collaborations between public and private sectors. The dialogue will grapple with the big question: how can we adequately fund and drive Europe's transformation? Panellists will also unpack the roles of various entities, from traditional banking institutions to private equity firms and from government bodies to the European Investment Bank, in mobilizing the necessary capital for driving systemic change. The discussion promises a thorough exploration of public vs private capital, the potential advantages and disadvantages of each and their synergistic potential.

2. Regulating for a Sustainable Europe: Balancing Ambition and Realism

As Europe embarks on its ambitious journey towards sustainability and a greener future, the role of regulation becomes increasingly important. This panel will explore the interplay between policy-making, regulation and the practical realities of driving change. Discussion will touch upon a range of topics, including the establishment of regulatory frameworks that encourage green innovation, the introduction of carbon pricing, and the alignment of regulations with global climate goals. The panel will also consider how to balance ambition with realism, ensuring that regulations are effective, enforceable, and supportive of Europe's economic and social structures.