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Frankfurt am Main, 07.05.2020 12:00:00

In mid-March, Frankfurt School decided to map all activities related to teaching, further education and advice online. Colleagues from various departments have reviewed their experiences in a video (in German).

Economics Professor Dr Horst Löchel introduces how he teaches in an empty lecture hall. Lisa Ronneburger, Head of Student Services, reports on how she and her team have, in one weekend, transferred all university, further-education courses and exams to the online world. Marie Dziuba from Professional & Executive Education advises corporate customers for whom the Frankfurt School designs and implements tailor-made educational programmes. These programmes are now also taking place online. The online event series Stay Tuned to FS is a responsibility of alumni manager Francisca Blenich. She regularly uses webinars to ensure that alumni stay in touch with each other and FS, and receive new input. Personalised career advice for students is one of the pillars of Christina Vassiliou's work in Career Services. Those conversations are now taking place over the Internet. Eugen Doce and Marjan Stojiljkovic work as project managers in International Advisory Services. Online meetings have always been part of their everyday life - but also trips to the countries where they manage consulting and educational projects on development finance.

The talks with Christina Vassiliou, Eugen Doce and Marjan Stojiljkovic were conducted by Angelika Werner, Vice President Strategic Relations.