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Tuition Fee
EUR *42,000

(excluding travel and accommodation cost)

Application Deadline
31 July*

Programme Start
22 Sep

21 months | Part-time


Your MBA part time in Frankfurt

The part-time MBA offers a transformational learning experience at Frankfurt School, one of the top-ranked business schools in Germany.

Our business MBA is specifically designed for ambitious young professionals, who want to accelerate their careers while staying fully employed. Candidates will be able to take advantage of a uniquely flexible schedule (2 block weeks and 16 extended weekends over 21 months) to build their management toolkit and develop their full leadership potential.

*Applications after the 31 July will be subject to availability.

Deadlines & Discounts

To take advantage of our available early bird discounts and attractive partial scholarships, we encourage candidates to submit their online application (free of charge) at their earliest convenience:

29 February EUR 5,000  early bird discount
31 May EUR 2,500  early bird discount
31 July Final application deadline

  • Global perspective and diverse student cohort
  • Module abroad at a top-ranked business school in Europe (BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo) or in Asia (Nanyang Business School in Singapore or Europe International Business School in Shanghai).
  • Individual leadership coaching & personal development programme
  • Highly flexible time schedule to allow for work-life-study balance
  • Participant-centred learning approach with real-world case studies
  • Renowned faculty & strong business network
  • Modern campus and study centres in the centre of Frankfurt, with direct and quick access to airport and train connections

Target Group

Determined business professionals from all industries and nationalities, who want to stay fully employed and are looking for a hands-on MBA programme in order to develop their management career and leadership potential.

Ideal part-time MBA candidates…
  • hold a first academic degree and have at least 3 years of postgraduate work experience with potential to go on to leadership positions
  • have the ambition and motivation to work full-time and study part-time
  • puersue clear career goals that can be reached with an MBA (i.e. career development or career change)
  • want to develop their management expertise and leadership skills and expand their professional networks across different industries
  • will ideally be supported by their current employer
  • hold a EU citizenship or EU resident permit 

Eligibility Requirements

Admission to the part-time MBA at Frankfurt School is competitive. To qualify for admission, you will need to fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

Please note: Language proficiency waivers are possible for candidates, who have completed a previous degree in English, lived in an English speaking country for longer than a year or whose work language is English (confirmation from employer required).

Check your eligilibility for free here

Learning Goals

LG1: Knowledge and understanding of general management and business acumen

Graduates have an action-oriented and critical understanding of the management cycle in organisations that qualifies them to apply it to diverse tasks and functions that form the value chain. They will draw upon sound functional and cross-functional knowledge of contemporary management concepts and disciplines, and develop innovative solutions by providing thought leadership.

LG2: Analytical and critical thinking skills to generate innovative solutions and make balanced strategic decisions in a global environment

Graduates are able to identify opportunities, ideate innovative solutions, and implement them effectively and efficiently based on sound qualitative and quantitative research and fact-oriented analysis. By doing so they will combine independent, forward-oriented thinking management techniques for quality decision-making to address business challenges and implement effective solutions.

LG3: Effective executive communication, collaboration and cooperation skills

Graduates have a clear understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and entrepreneurial challenges of a business leader in the light of a fast changing environment. They also excel in effective executive communication, collaboration and cooperation skills. Graduates master concise and effective spoken and written communication based on know-how, emotional intelligence and intercultural sensitivity. They present, discuss and defend fact-based arguments that convince their audience, move people to congruent action and achieve positive change when necessary. As both leaders and members of teams, they set high standards, establish trust, and create an environment of collaboration and cooperation that inspires high performance.

LG4: Responsible, inspirational and ethical leaders of teams and organisations

 Graduates are self-aware and mindful leaders with the character needed for leading in any organisational or cultural context and in the global environment. They decide and act based on ethical considerations, comply with regulatory requirements and enhance the well-being of their stakeholders, organisations, society and the environment.


Please be aware that our Part-Time MBA program is designed for individuals who already possess the right to reside and study within the EU.

Consequently, we are unable to support student visa applications for this specific program. Applicants requiring a student visa are encouraged to explore our Full-Time MBA programme, which is eligible for student visa support. We advise all prospective students to carefully consider their visa status when applying to ensure alignment with their educational pursuits.

Information Events

PT events

Meet us On-campus and Online

Join us and find out how to maximise your career opportunities with an MBA at Frankfurt School. Engage with alumni & students and get career advice from our staff in the next networking event. 

Class Visits

Visit an MBA class this semester to discuss a case study with our renowned faculty and current MBA students. This is your chance to experience our typical classroom atmosphere, teaching style and learning techniques. Feel free to contact our MBA team to arrange a campus visit, including a guided tour of the campus.

Part-time MBA Curriculum

The part-time MBA curriculum (60 ECTS) is a 21-month learning experience, which is divided into core lectures, elective modules, and a 5-month thesis period. Our business MBA programme includes a module abroad to either Europe (Oslo) or Asia (e.g., Singapore or Shanghai) and you can choose from many different electives. 

The programme requires 61 lecture days (including 30 weekdays). Two modules are offered in block weeks (Mon-Fri/Sat): the first module right after the opening weekend and the module abroad in the following summer. All other modules take place on 16 extended weekends. On these non-consecutive weekends, lectures start on Friday in the early afternoon and finish on Sunday in the early evening.

In addition to the core curriculum, you can choose four elective courses (duration: 2.5 days each) from a selection of 15 different options from March to May. To increase networking effects, the electives are taken with the Full-time MBA class. Also, we have built in rotations for maximum flexibility each year. For example, it is possible to take electives during the week in your first year and then on weekends in your second year

Part-time Curriculum

Class Profile

Intake 2023

Nationalities 19
Average work experience 5.5 years
Average age 31


Female 28%
Male 72%

Industry Background

Automotive 7%
Aviation 1%
Banking 11%
Consulting 11%
Corparate Banking 1%
Energy 4%
Engineering 4%
Finance 4%
Healthcare 5%
International Relations 1%
IT 3%
Technology 15%
Others 23%

Years of Work Experience

< 3 Years 6%
3 - 5 Years 39%
6-8 Years 51%
9+ Years 4%

Geographic Origin

Bulgaria Canada China


Ghana India Iran
Italy Japan Jordan
Korea Lebanon Poland
Portugal Russia Serbia
Slovenia United States Venezuela
Women in the MBA

In honour of all women in leadership, we launched our MBA Women’s page! Here, we highlight the stories and achievements of all women across our MBA programmes as they are redefining the meaning of success and are entering new areas of business.

Career Services & Personal Development

Right from the start of your MBA studies, our Career Services team is part of your Frankfurt School experience. Our experts offer individual advice and professional answers to all your questions about jobs and careers: It is our goal to enhance the professional development of our students and to assist in preparing them as thoroughly as possible for a successful career. Our team is here to help you make the most of your next career step.

Part-time MBA candidates at Frankfurt School have the great advantage of being able to remain fully employed throughout the programme. By supporting a part-time MBA as part of an internal development plan, employers are able to retain their top talents while also allowing them to gain vital management and leadership skills.

Frankfurt School graduates are known for their first class-analytical skills and practical knowledge. To prepare our MBA students for successful future careers, we offer:

  • MBA Leadership Camp (Offsite)
  • CV Checks & Job Market Preparation
  • Individual Career Planning & Placement Support
  • Professional Skills Workshops & Application Trainings
  • Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Executive Talks & Corporate Events
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Teambuilding Activities
  • Job Board & Career Fairs
  • Career Services Newsletter
  • Access to Frankfurt School’s career network with corporate partners and alumni

Career Development after Graduation*

*Statistics related to the PTMBA class of 2018-2020

Career Change

During the programme 17%
After the programme 53%
No significant changes 30%

3 graduates founded their own company

Salary Increase

At completion 26%
After 1 year 36%
After 2 years 79%
After 3 years 20%

Number of Career Changes

1 change 70%
2 changes 50%
3 changes 20%
4 changes 5%

Types of Career Changes

Level of responsibility 58%
Employer 48%
Functional area 28%
Industry 20%

Industry Background

Banking 18%
Automotive & Components 15%
Financial Services 13%
Healthcare & Pharma 10%
Consulting 8%
Aviation / Aerospace 5%
Tourism 3%
Mechanical Engineering 3%
Fast Moving Consumer Goods 2%
Others 23%

Location of Employment

Germany 90%
Europe 5%
Rest of the world 5%

Application Process

1. Online application

First, you will need to complete our online application, which requires the following documents:

  • CV or resume
  • Previous academic transcript(s) of records and degree certificate(s)
  • Two reference letters (ideally, one from your current employer)
  • Registration for our Business Test Methods (Admission Test) or GMAT/GRE score
  • TOEFLIELTS score report, or proof of equivalent English proficiency
  • Case study assignment (in online application)

Please note: Once admitted to the programme, we require a certified/notarised paper copy of your first academic degree certificate.

2. AC and /or Interview

After reviewing your application, we will invite qualified candidates to an interview with a faculty member of Frankfurt School. The purpose of the interview is to gain a better understanding of your character, personality, expectations, motivations and goals. Currently, we are arranging telephone or Zoom interviews.

As an alternative to the GMAT/GRE, we offer the Frankfurt School BusinessTest Methods (Admission Test). It is designed to focus on problem solving, communication, numerical & factual data management and logical thinking as well as career maturity and business acumen. Taking this test costs USD 100 and you can register for it through the online application.

3. Results

The final decision regarding admissions to our MBA programme will be based on a combination of factors: the candidate’s academic qualifications, English language abilities, admissions test score, case study essay, postgraduate work experience and interview performance. Admission and scholarship decisions are generally announced directly after the admissions and scholarship comittee (within 2-4 weeks after your interview).

4. Start of the programme

The part-time MBA starts on 20 September 2024. All students are expected to be at Frankfurt School on the first day of the programme. For non-EU applicants who require a visa to enter Germany, please keep in mind that it can take up to two or three months to obtain the necessary visa. Please note that unfortunately, due to the programme being part-time, we are not able to provide student visas.

Application Checklist

Download our MBA Application Checklist as a helpful guide to completing the admissions process.

Please note: All information is intended to provide a general overview of the study programme. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management reserves the right to modify the curriculum, the schedule or any parts thereof. The same applies to the tuition fees and internal and external examination fees.

Financing and Scholarships

Investing in your future

Your MBA degree is an investment in your professional future. As a triple accredited, international business school, we not only provide you with the best conditions for earning an academic degree – we also offer excellent career development and networking opportunities. When you make the decision to study at Frankfurt School, your current financial situation should not be the factor that holds you back. At the same time, it is important to make sensible preparations for funding your studies. If you would like to schedule a personal consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment & Installments

Total fees: EUR 42,250 (including enrollment fees)

If you are granted a scholarship, the total tuition fee is reduced by the awarded amount. Should you decide to opt for a full upfront payment, you will receive a 5% reduction on tuition fees (excluding discounts). 


  • Total cost part-time MBA: EUR 42,250
  • Down payment to secure a place in the programme: EUR 5,000
  • Tuition fee per semester: EUR 9,250 (usually due at the beginning of the semester in October and April)

*adjustments to the payment schedule can be discussed individually

Frankfurt School Scholarships

There are a limited number of attractive partial scholarships available for outstanding candidates with strong academic/business track records and/or excellent performance during the admissions process. Scholarship funds can be applied for directly through the regular programme application and they are granted at the discretion of our Scholarship Committee. All scholarship decisions are merit-based, although financial hardship may also be taken into consideration in special cases. Please note: Funds will only be awarded to cover tuition fees (not living expenses) and will be deducted from the total tuition amount.

Frankfurt School Alumni Benefits

The fee for the Business Test Methods (Admission Test) will be waived for Frankfurt School alumni and once admitted to the part-time MBA programme, they are eligible to receive 10% alumni discount. Please note that this amount is granted independently of possible early bird deadlines and discounts.

External Scholarships & Funding Options

Several organisations offer competitive scholarships for outstanding students:

  • The Generation Contract Study first, pay later: the Generation Contract is an innovative model to finance your studies. The GC allows the applicant to study at Frankfurt School without paying tuition fees during the study programme.
  • Future Finance provides student loans for tuition fees and cost of living.
  • Bildungsfonds offers funding to help cover living costs, tuition fees and other expenses during the MBA programme. Funding is available for both EU and non-EU citizens. Applicants must complete a multi-stage selection process – part of the process is conducted in German, so at least basic German language skills are highly recommended. Engineers can apply for the specialised Festo-Bildungsfonds.
  • Deutsche Bildung AG offers financial support to German and international students studying in Germany
  • Student loans for US citizens are available by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Frankfurt School’s US Federal School Code is G40153.
  • Private loans are available from many banks to support educational expenses. We recommend that you contact your local banks to find out what options are available.

Tax Benefits

Students who are enrolled at the Frankfurt School can benefit from a range of tax reliefs associated with their academic expenses. These reliefs not only alleviate the immediate financial burden of studying but can also contribute to reducing future tax liabilities. Students should look to include all eligible expenses in their annual tax return to maximise these advantages.

The Part-time MBA is accredited by